Top 5 Hobbies for Visually Impaired Seniors


Approaching your senior years can sometimes be challenging especially when age brings along visual difficulties, leaving you with a less energetic spirit to push your thick glasses over your nose and continue reading the detective story halfway through which you’ve fallen asleep several times already.

But hey! Take a hint. Whether you’re an old man with a body fit and healthy as a horse, or go through the struggle of visual impairment, it really is all about your spirit to want to enjoy the little things in life and make the most out of your experiences. Because age and ability are both just a state of mind, for if your heart wants to make the best of your years, it certainly can!

To help you choose some of the most enriching leisure time activities for yourself, we have put together a list of things you would definitely want to experience if you haven’t done yet:

1: Keeping a Pet

If you’re an animal person, then you’ll be fairly pleased to read this at the top of our list because who doesn’t adore a cute little puppy or a furry playful cat by their side. And if you’re not an animal person, we make our research-backed promise to you that this is a hobby that’ll prove its worth as one of the best hobbies to have. Petting an animal can be an incredibly transformational experience as they slowly make their constant place beside you and become your partner in grief and joy as you live through life.

If you feel that your diminished sight hinders the vividness of colors of life for you, your pet dog may help you learn to experience the world using the rest of your sensory abilities as he guides you along the path of a pleasant evening stroll, or while you relish in the soft warm feel of a rabbits fur beneath your fingers.

Animals quickly pick up their owners gestures and mood indicators, and will stay with you to lighten your mood up when you’re down and drive away your loneliness. According to a study, the “cuddle chemical” i.e. oxytocin surging through your veins at the sight of your pet will ensure a healthier, happier and more resilient physical and psychological system.  And if you’re fortunate, you may live to experience as dramatic a tale of care and loyalty as that of Hachiko, the famous dog.

2: Board Games

One of the best ways to spend quality time with your family, friends and grandchildren is to join hands together on a game board and celebrate the feel of a jolly competition. Keep a game night every Friday, so you can bring the family together, team up and enjoy! There are several classic interactive indoor games available in the market as well as those which are specially adapted for people with visual difficulties.

While minimizing the stress of moving around a lot or feeling left out because of your visual handicap, these special board games are designed for you to be able to fully participate with the family as easily and conveniently as any other person, and have a good time at it. Whether you prefer brain teasers like chess or monopoly, or old-style card games, they’ll give your brain quite some stimulation and a time well-spent.

Here are some cool board game ideas for you to choose from.

3: Practicing Yoga

Although the yoga adverts may typically have you believe that young people twisted in odd postures are the only ones who can benefit from it, however, including it in your post-retirement plans would be ideal. Having put behind your work routine hassles, this would be the perfect time to pick up some new healthy habits to train your heart and mind. Most senior citizens often experience increased feelings of psychological and emotional distress, sometimes in reaction to their deteriorating physical health. Yoga can serve as an antidote to it while leaving you with a replenished feeling.

Not only is yoga a hobby that can be adopted by visually impaired people with ease, but it may also hold the key to improving your visual capacity. Exercises as simple as deep breathing on early mornings, candle gazing and dew walking can help reduce eye strain and improve your vision.
Here is a list of mild and beneficial exercises that you can begin with for a fit and healthy lifestyle!

4: Listening to Audio Books

A book is a man’s best friend but when reading your favorite becomes too much of a challenge, you can always instead listen to one! Good books can have a way of painting a vivid imaginative world inside your head through the mere use of words stringed together in an awe-inspiring way, holding you under its magical effect.

So when boredom strikes on one of your usual days, the best thing to find solace in are the words of a captivating storybook.

Innovation of technology brings you audio books which you can download on any of your devices, and listen to the audio recording of whichever book you like for as long as you please.

Without having to ask anyone the favor, you can relish in your solitude by letting a good book explore the globe and transfer you into the realm of imaginative world while you peacefully sit in your chair beside your window enjoying the morning breeze.

5: Maintaining a Journal (Braille)

One of the top hobbies that you should certainly keep is to maintain your daily journal. Undoubtedly, each one of us has experienced our fair share of interesting events and perhaps at some point of time we have also felt inspired to write our tale down in black and white.

Now’s the best chance for it! Your senior years will bring you plentiful time after having dealt with all of life’s responsibilities and setting you free to do as you please, so get a classic Braille typewriter, and begin jotting away all that comes to heart.

As research also supports, not only will you find it to be a great pastime but keeping a journal with which you rejoice in past memories and speculate on your present feelings and experiences, it also has a substantially positive impact on your thoughts and mood. With effective journaling, you’ll notice a gradual decrease in physical symptoms of various health conditions, in addition to a good improvement in your cognitive functioning.

At any stage of life, there is some everyday stress that is good if safely vented out – and your journal will help achieve the desired calmness and clarity of mind by releasing pent-up feelings.


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