What Makes Portable CCTV a Better Low Vision Aid?

Portable CCTV a Better Low Vision Aids

If you are someone who struggles every day to see the world through a clouded lens with faded colors and blurred figures, chances are that you have exhausted all your resources to find the best solutions that could revive the vibrancy of your vision. Since surgeries and lengthy medical procedures may not sound like the most comfortable idea to you, low vision aids have since long offered a reliable alternative to ease the visual difficulty of interacting with the world around.

However, whether it is thick glass spectacles, hand-held magnifiers, loupes, small telescopes or other products of the like, none of them seem to offer the complete relief you’re searching for.

Cutting to the chase, we already have this problem sorted out for you! When it comes to choosing the best low vision aids in the market you need not go through any hefty research, because your best bet is the Portable CCTV device, which is the ultimate comprehensive visual solution of the century developed by tech gurus.

Your Quick Intro to Portable CCTV Devices

For those of you may already be acquainted with this form of low vision aid and those who have only just discovered it, portable CCTV devices are basically a low-vision assistive device which includes a camera, mounting stand and a viewing screen. The camera comes with different magnification and navigation settings that can be adjusted to the user’s preference whereas the mounting stand makes it easy to carry around places.

Some particular types of Portable CCTV device also bypass the need for a mounting stand as these are wearable like your ordinary spectacles. 

Here’s what makes the portable CCTV devices better than all other low vision aids:

Covers a wide range of Visual Problems

Regardless of whether your precious eyesight was struck by a condition as common as nearsightedness (Myopia) or a more complex disease of the eye, most CCTV devices cover multiple vision problems. 

Portable CCTV device, in comparison to other low vision aid devices holds a major advantage of assisting a wide range of visual difficulties that may arise due to any of the several eye problems, such as:

Myopia or Hyperopia 

  • Cataracts
  • Diabetic Retinopathy
  • Retinitis Pigmentosa
  • Glaucoma
  • Age-related Macular Degeneration etc

Each of the conditions above can be challenging with their particular regions of the eye upon which the damage is inflicted, which are catered for by the CCTV low vision aids owing to their diverse features.

An example is its high magnification power and contrast viewing modes for people who have difficulty focusing on objects far in the visual field and those who are suffering from Diabetic Retinopathy, who require different contrast modes.

One Device Instead of Many

Tired of safeguarding hefty your stock of eyesight glasses, magnifier and typoscope all the time? Saving you the hassle of searching around to find each one of your supplies when you need them, portable CCTV device instead offers you to access them all within a single device.

This is one of the aspects which makes CCTV a far more convenient low vision aid than others. If you are an elderly fellow or a youngster, handling a lot of assistive devices can nonetheless be very annoying at times.  

Given the wide range of functions that it is designed to perform, CCTV device eliminates the need for keeping several devices. Thus, it may help you simplify your life by a user-friendly all-in-one experience.

All Features Combined in One Gadget

Until now you may have considered keeping different optical aid products to facilitate you in doing different tasks around the house. Perhaps you found a hand-held magnifier to be useful for reading medicine prescriptions but a typoscope is your preferred helper when you wanted to skim through the pages of your favorite cookbook.

Portable CCTV devices are better in this regard because they incorporate all your most wanted features within one screen. You would not have to shift from one thing to another for each activity you choose to do, rather the sole object can serve as your all time savior.

Easy to Carry Around

As is evident in the name of the device itself, the best feature about CCTV devices is that they are portable; you can easily carry them around anywhere you want. CCTV cameras usually come with a stand that is fixable on any flat table or surface and ready-to-use while the camera remains mobile so that you can move it around to view anything within your surroundings. So whether you want to wander about or sit on a desk, it works well for both.

Ideal for Use in All Settings

Despite the numerous features combined within one device, the additional effective use of CCTV devices across different social settings (whether office, school, living room, restaurants etc.) is highly commendable.

You can use your portable CCTV device out in the garden where the sun shines bright, or your classroom where you want to magnify the white board from your place on the seat, or a dimly lit restaurant where you are enjoying an evening meal with family, CCTV low vision aid perform ideally across all settings, which is an advantage that cannot be offered by other low vision aids.

Connectivity with Computer and TV

Being a smart technological device, CCTV low vision aids incorporate features other than the usual ones present in other low vision aids. For instance, CCTV devices can be connected with your television set or laptop via an HDMI cable, turning your laptop into a viewing screen when needed. You can also transfer image/document files in back and forth this way.

If you are a student who wants to use this visual aid for help in academics, you will especially find this feature very helpful.

Improved Comprehension of Reading Material

The way in which CCTV low vision aid functions, it allows the user high magnification of any reading content while also keeping the surrounding context in view. It is also one of the only ways to use both eyes, even with high magnification, which in turn lessens eye strain and enables you to read faster with improved comprehension.

Better Posture and Ergonomics

The method of use for CCTV devices allows its user more comfort and convenience, given the provision of fixing it on a stable surface and working on a table. It also can be used just as conveniently for far off objects.

CCTV Devices come with Smart Features

Despite different low vision aids providing a number of facilitative characteristics, portable CCTV devices beat them to it with a variety of smart features that come in addition to the basic function they serve. These features include the following:

– Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

One of the basic features which is present in almost every portable CCTV low vision aid available nowadays is the OCR, which basically allows the user ease of going through a body of text in audio form. The device recognizes the text you want to read and recite it aloud for you. This is one of the smart features that makes portable CCTV devices a more attractive option than the other low-vision aids.

– Photo Gallery

One of the special features in a CCTV device is that it comes with a photo gallery in which the user can save up to several images of his own liking and have access to them all the time. These will be available to the user on-the-go.

– Good for Writing

Portable CCTV device, unlike other low vision aids, is an ideal tool for users who face hindrance in reading and writing due to visual problems. Most devices come with a screen and stand that can be set up on any table top, while the user places the notebook beneath this screen and use it for help in magnification. This can be especially very facilitative for students who face difficulty in writing in the classroom.

– Freeze Frame

Many a times, something as simple as shaky hands can be a great deal of ordeal when you are trying hard to focus on a piece of text in your hand.  

But fortunately, while other low vision aids only allow viewing of surrounding objects, CCTV device consists of a feature wherein the user can take a still image of an object or person in view, and then proceed to save and analyze it using magnification and color contrast options, for maximum ease and understanding.

– Wearable Portable CCTV Devices

In addition to the other super user-assistive features, some of the newly developed CCTV devices also come with the additional advantage of being able to be worn in the form of a headset. This incredibly handy characteristic of the device makes life for visually impaired people way better, enabling them to perform daily routine tasks comfortably.

Where to Find your Choice of Portable CCTV Low Vision Aid?

After having made up your mind to opt for the smartest visual solution for your eyes, your next query would be to navigate through a sea of available options to see which one best suits your personal needs, yes? We guessed it right!

It would be unfair to say that any of us would want to compromise on our comfort in the face of extravagant expenditure on assistive devices of the like, yet when you plan to buy a product of such importance, it is essential to assess and weigh its utility value as opposed to its cost.

Having said that, here’s your lead to some of the most affordable and portable CCTV low vision aids. Read on and decide for yourself!


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